How To Live Comfortably With Little Or No Savings

If seven in ten households worldwide have little or no savings we need another way.

When you have little or no savings, and little or no pension, you still want to live where you want to live with security and comfort. You need what we call the GAME Plan. What is that?

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The GAME Plan - Use What You Have To Make Money

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Life Without Pensions ...

We are talking about seven in ten households in the world's most developed coutries have little or no savings. For example, in the U.S.A. the saving threshold is $1,000.


When you have little or no savings, nobody is rushing to help you as you've got no money to pay them.


The situation is getting worse, not better. Almost half of adults of working age are not saving, perhaps because they are self-employed, unemployed, economically inactive, ineligible, or opted out of employer saving schemes.


Average pension pots are falling. For example, the average private pension wealth of Brits not in final salary pension schemes is just a few thousand pounds. Over half of these pots are fully cashed in at retirement. 


Women have smaller pots than men.


You live from one pay-day to the next. The pandemic made matters worse, and your financial future looks bleak.




What You Want?

Picture this—a plan that shows you how to make money, not by saving. You produce income from work that doesn't feel like work, you never want to retire.


No matter where you live in the world - here you work from anywhere.


Here you choose a portfolio of income-producing meaningful projects to diversify risk. Doing what you are good at, love, the world needs, and you get paid.


Instead of exchanging your time for money you exchange your know-how for money. Imagine you earn while you sleep, and in the future, you could sell your income for a cash sum.


What if you discovered a way that you could enjoy a secure financial future without savings - living happily to a ripe old age in good health and high spirits? 


Instead of trying to save to buy things you don't want to impress people you don't like, make enough money to live a long and happy life. 


Wherever You Live In The World, When You Have No Pension You Still Want A Life


If little or no savings is where you are and set for a long and prosperous life earning while you sleep is where you want to be, I'm sure you would agree that you need a vehicle, system, or solution to get you from fear to prosperity. Well, that's what you'll find right here on this website. Planning for a prosperous life without pensions. For everyone in the world. We call it the GAME Plan.


You need an income-producing asset to earn while you sleep. That asset doesn't have to be with someone else, that takes a long time to build, like savings, investments, or pensions. That asset could be you, exchanging your know-how for money. A few years from now you have made money with a plan, that's the GAME Plan.


Making money is important because having little or no money leaves you shackled to the treadmill of work existence until you drop. It impacts your quality of life and shortens your life expectancy. And you are ill-equipped to deal with shocks, like pandemics or geopolitical events along the way. Making money unlocks the shackles. It delivers freedom, security, longer life expectancy, and greater wellbeing.


Now is the time because savings pots are empty and they take a long time to build. You may have left that option too late for the magic of compound interest to work. You are on your own. The State system is bankrupt, employers and institutions have passed all the risk to you. You are ignored by the financial services industry as you have no money to give them. What little you do have, if you gave it to them the pot would be so small it simply deprives you of means-tested State benefits in your old age.


The world is going through a great reset following the pandemic. It's time to reimagine your favourite future. Whereever you live in the world, make yourself into an income-producing asset doing what you are good at, you love, the world needs, and you get paid for. Make that payment into nocturnal income. Make a GAME Plan.


It's down to you to build back better!


"We focus on helping you make the money you need to live your favourite future."

We are not saying that savings are unimportant, we are saying that making money is more important.

Saving products don't make money, people do with their ideas, plans, hard work, and resilience. Savings simply park the money you made until a future date.

The financial industry is designed to take your money away from you and give it back at some future date. Profit is not guaranteed. During periods of high inflation, market volatility, taxes, charges, and low-interest rates, the amount they return may be less in real terms than you gave to them.

Please read these important notes.


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